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We offer a large scale of non-woven products which differ in thickness, composition and therefore also in applications 


(Medical sector)

Spunbond non-wovens in health and medical sector. These non-wovens are dermatologically tested and cost-effective. Some examples: diapers, solutions for incontinence and female hygiene, nursing cloths, … Separate treatments like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite are possible.

Bedding & Furniture

Voltex offers a large scale of non-wovens to the bedding and furniture industry. These high-quality non-wovens, like spunbond and needle felt are available in a wide scale of colours, weights and textures.

The non-wovens can easily be cut, perforated, stitched, stapled or glued.


With an experience of over 20 years, Voltex is active in the agricultural sector. A large range of light non-wovens is used as crop protection against low temperatures, night-frost and insects.


We can supply different weights and widths. Our products can be re-used during several seasons. 


Non-wovens offer many advantages in filtration and can be used in developing air filters, liquid filters, medical filters, …


In our range we have various non-wovens in polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene, going from a light weight to heavy grammage. Rolls can have a maximum width of 320 cm and a roll diameter of 120 cm. 


Colours are available upon request.

Lamination & Printing

Our high-quality non-wovens can easily be laminated or printed.


When laminating, two or more layers are glued together. This results in unique characteristics like water-repellency, fire retardant effect, insulating properties, anti-slip properties, water absorption, ….

This offers possibilities for applications in sectors like construction, automotive, clothing properties, medical, aviation, leatherware, …  

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, non-wovens are used in industrial applications, such as insulation, roof insulation, cover foil, in combination with bitumen, roofing, roof covering, …

Carpet industry

The spunbond qualities are mainly used as a basis to several carpet products. Here we can offer polypropylene, as well as polyester.


Non-wovens present a lot of various possibilities to the packaging industry. Some examples: envelopes, reusable bags, packing of meat, medical sterile packaging and other recyclable packaging products, …

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